Multitel’s Remote Monitoring Systems and Gateways use core functionalities of Building Automation Systems (BAS), enabling Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) connections to power and cooling infrastructure smart devices.  

Whether it is to feed data to your enterprise BI or AI platform, perform alarm integration to the Network Operating Center (NOC), secure non-trusted smart devices on your network, or automate Power and Cooling asset capacity management, the Multitel technical team can support your engineering staff by providing system integration expertise and know-how to reduce deployment risk and costly installation delays.  

Multitel’s Remote Monitoring Systems and Gateways support open protocols used in buildings such as Modbus and BacNet, or SNMP smart devices such as energy meters, fuel systems, CRAC and HVAC systems, DC Power Systems, UPS, ATS, generator controllers and much more.



Save time and money by ordering all of your remote monitoring products and accessories pre-configured, pre-wired to a remote monitoring solution from a single source. The benefits of doing this are:

  • Lower price due to consolidation of all requirements with one supplier
  • Save on installation and commissioning time
  • Consistent quality and system integrity
  • Easier to manage product provisioning, boxing per project or facility
  • Better accountability as we are solely responsible for the entire solution

Whether it’s for a legacy RTU replacement strategy, a custom-designed wiring harness or a custom UL508A environmental control panel, Multitel’s technical experts can engineer a monitoring and control solution that will fit your needs and requirements. 

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