Remote secured device access solution

Why is a remote secured device access solution important?

Multitel’s remote secured device access solution lets you collect data from multiple devices and transport it in a normalized secured protocol to securely access, share, collect and compile data from all over a telecom or data center facility.

In an increasingly data-driven world, bringing information from a building to a network management platform is the key to gaining a better understanding of the overall status and performance of multiple power and cooling infrastructures in telecommunication and data center facilities.

These types of infrastructure have multiple devices that communicate using standard industry protocols, such as SNMP, Modbus and BACnet. To ensure secure transport data from devices to the network, secured protocols are used.

Benefits of Multitel’s remote secure device access solution

A remote site monitoring unit

Improve network security

Secured device connectivity and data transport are major concerns in telecommunications and data center. Using Multitel’s remote secure device access solution, transport data into a normalized secured SNMP Agent v3 improves compliance with your IT department’s security regulations.

Increase safety and availability of power and cooling system data

Having secured device access is key for any efficient and effective network management tool. This is why Multitel’s remote secure device access solution uses industry-grade software, such as Linux’s Firewall. Secured and encrypted connections to devices, using SSL, SSH and FTPS, also contribute to preserve safety and availability of power and cooling systems data.

Reduce the number of network IP addresses to reach each connected device

As multi-regulation network security continues to rise, IT departments are often required to prevent and, in some cases, remove IP power and cooling systems that provide valuable data and information to stakeholders. Our remote secure device access solution improves network security by reducing the number of IP addresses throughout the network: all you need is one IP address for multiple devices—all while maintaining complete visibility on and access to them.

Maintain native user interface of outmost importance

Using remote secure access solutions can prevent access to native device web pages and thereby not enable remote configuration needed from time to time for this device. Multitel’s Passthrough features enable to securely access the device web page (HTTP) or Command Line Interface to perform modifications to settings, upload or download files, etc.

Server site

Multitel’s remote secure device access solution key features

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