Reduce risks and help with compliance issues by monitoring battery float current

Float Charging Current Probe

A unique tool for a continuous safeguard

Down to

0 mA

Up to

0 x

Holds up to


One unique tool, five applications


To ensure field technicians’ safety in a confined site (Thermal runaway prevention)

Power Utilities

To detect “battery open circuit” (TPL-001-5) and to replace periodic battery specific gravity measurements in Nuclear Plants

Data Centers

To help comply with fire codes and reduce risks (IFC 608.2)

Energy Storage Systems

To determine State of Charge (SoC) of any lead-acid batteries technology or Lithium-ion

Battery Labs & Manufacturing Testing

To help develop and produce better lead-acid batteries

Precise. Simple. Smart. Rugged

Patented measurement technology

Multitel’s innovative measuring and digital filtering techniques eliminate AC ripples to provide a pure DC component between 0 to 5 Amp with a resolution down to 1mA.

Smart alarms and trending

The FCCP is able to detect the battery operating mode, recharge, discharge or floating and therefore prevents the sending of false alarms in recharge and discharge modes. An analog output signal is available in popular 0-50mV or 4-20mA signals.

Quick and safe installations

The split-core transducer enables easy installation without opening the battery circuit. The unit is powered from 18 to 60VDC or 120VAC power adapter. The integrated zero offset calibration process eliminates the guesswork.

Discover a world of possibilities and applications

Complete FCCP features overview


Capable of measurement between 0-5A with increment of 1mA

Smart alarms

Will not generate alarms when “Battery Discharge/Recharge” event occurs


Linear analog output signal to easily interface battery monitors or data loggers

Open circuit detection

Helps Electrical Utilities meet the NERC’s TLP-001-5 standard for single charger station DC supply battery


A split-core transducer enables easy installation without opening the battery circuit

Immune to noise and temperature changes

Unique measurement technique and digital filtering technique eliminates AC ripples to provide a pure DC component

State of Charge (SoC)

DC float current is the parameter of choice to determine the battery SoC. For Nuclear Stations, the FCCP can replace periodic, manual and unpleasant specific gravity measurements

Timeliness measurements

Benefit from continuous DC float current measurements


Protection of small to medium battery backup power at your customer location against thermal runaway

Flexible input power

The controller is adapted to telecom, railway and power utility configurations

Thermal runaway prevention

Float Current is the parameter of choice when it comes to thermal runaway prevention

100% Compatible

Dry “C” contact enables compliancy to any remote telemetry device in the network


Yes. The FCCP provides a 0-50mV analog output signal directly proportional to the 0 to 5A input range. Therefore, using the Multitel FUSION RMU or the analog signal, you can precisely monitor and trend float current over time.

A thermal runaway is an incident that builds up slowly over time and results in an uncontrollable increase of temperature. Undetected thermal runaways can lead to costly damage to equipment and, in more severe case, fire or personal injury. Thermal runaway protection is therefore essential for your facility.

Yes. The FCCP will help you comply with IFC 608.3 and NFPA 1. Article 52 as a device to preclude, detect and control thermal runaway.

Download the Specification Sheet for a complete overview

Multitel's FCCP specification sheet

Input Signal: 0 to 5Adc (Split Core CT).

Output Signal: 0-50mVdc, optional 4-20mA loop.

Dry Contacts: Up to 150Vdc @ .2A (resistive).

Resolution: 1mA.

Mounting: Desktop, wall mount bracket included or optional rack mounting bracket.

Input Power: Single 18 to 60 VDC or optional 120Vac Class II power supply adapter.

Operating Temperature: -40°C to 65°C (-40°F to 149°F).

Safety: CSA/UL/EN 61010.

Emissions: EN-61326 Electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use. FCC Part 15 Subpart B Class B.

CE marking is applied to this product in compliance with the European Union and a declaration of conformity has been produced.

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