The ultimate secure platform for remote monitoring, data aggregation and edge computing.

Stay connected to your assets with a powerful solution that enhances your ISP/OSP insight and operations.

Data Points
Up to 0
Smart Devices Integration
Up to 0


Power Utility

Data Center


and more

Powerful & Compact

Designed for smaller ISP/OSP applications.
The essential functionalities of the iO Gateway with the most compact design.

Secure & Proven Reliable

Tailored for critical ISP facilities with larger data needs. Consolidates all remote conectivity to power and cooling assets in a single centralized unit.

Boundless Power & Security

All-in-one remote telemetry and control unit.
Brings together the FUSION's I/O flexibility, scalability and iO Gateway's communication abilities.

Which iO product is the best for my company?

See more and do more with these available options
for the iO mini and iO Gateway:

Capacity Management

Site Monitoring

Generator Monitoring

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