Frequently asked questions


Managing capacity mitigates the risk associated with power outages by knowing a site’s capacity and which equipment is the weakest link in each site. Visibility on power equipment’s capacity levels helps you make critical decisions in seconds and plan power investments ahead of new technology and service deployments.

Battery failure is one of the leading causes of power outages. Preventive maintenance programs help maximize batteries’ useful life and reduce battery failures. Battery maintenance can increase UPS and DC power system performance and reliability. Battery maintenance is also required by battery vendors to maintain warranties.


For US and certain Canadian power utilities, battery maintenance is now mandatory by law and audits occur. If non-compliance is ascertained, hefty fees may be issued.

We provide data collection and analytics for vented lead-acid (VLA) and valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries typically found in large DC stationary or UPS applications (2V, 12V or other voltage types of cells/jars). A few of our customers are also using FIRMSuite to manage NiCad batteries in similar applications. If you have to manage data for a UPS, a telecom site, a power utility substation, we most likely have a solution for you.


Yes. We support multiple communications protocols on the FUSION, such as Modbus and SNMP. The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) over IP is the most commonly used protocol for communication to and from the FUSION RTU. It makes FUSION the perfect alarm RTU for reporting into network management platforms used by a network operations center (NOC), such as Netcool or SolarWinds.
Yes. We are fully compliant with all network management and surveillance platforms, such as Netcool, SolarWinds and others. If you’re shopping for a RTU, you’re likely looking for SNMP compatibility. We will provide you with the FUSION MIB file to easily validate FUSION’s full compliance with your NOC’s network management or surveillance platform.
Fusion is a remote monitoring solution that provides a 360o view of your infrastructure by monitoring multiple power and cooling equipment. Fusion can monitor DC power plants’ rectifier utilization, AC power, HVAC and much more.
Data centers require a lot of energy to keep their systems running effectively. Energy demand is typically found in cooling systems, servers, and high-power computing. The ability to monitor the energy demands of these specific systems gives better visibility on your facility’s overall energy consumption. This information can then be used to profile the energy allocation of individual systems and even detect inefficiencies. 
The FUSION RTU is a very popular product; however, we always have the most common configurations made to order. If you currently have old RTU or alarm system, which can be expensive to replace and often technically out-of-date, we can provide you with a FUSION RTU within two weeks. 


Yes. The FCCP provides a 0-50mV analog output signal directly proportional to the 0 to 5A input range. Therefore, using the Multitel FUSION RMU or the analog signal, you can precisely monitor and trend float current over time.

A thermal runaway is an incident that builds up slowly over time and results in an uncontrollable increase of temperature. Undetected thermal runaways can lead to costly damage to equipment and, in more severe case, fire or personal injury. Thermal runaway protection is therefore essential for your facility.

Yes. The FCCP will help you comply with IFC 608.3 and NFPA 1. Article 52 as a device to preclude, detect and control thermal runaway.