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FIRMSuite is an asset management software that enables companies to oversee capacity and rack usage for better infrastructure management across the entire network.

FIRMSuite centralizes data and gives you a complete view of your entire network. With its ability to optimize asset management, Multitel’s network management software helps you to stay ahead of network issues and ensure seamless communication during your team’s work process. As a network management software that fits your workflows, FIRMSuite contributes to ensuring compliance with NERC PRC-005-6.

Multitel’s network management software is a turnkey, out-of-the-box solution that let you manage space, power and cooling assets. FIRMSuite helps to eliminate the manual and cumbersome process of data gathering of your power and cooling assets to minimize human intervention.

Why use Multitel’s FIRMSuite network management software?

Schematic of a big telecommunication site

Centralize your information

Save time by standardizing your data collection process, centralizing the data, and accessing critical historical and up-to-date views—at the network level—of your sites’ state of health.

Get reliable data for faster decision-making

Access real-time information and calculations, such as capacity, site load and reserved time, to more quickly identify critical site or equipment issues in your network. Use Multitel’s network management software to generate reports and analyses based on your business rules.

Mitigate network interruptions

With Multitel’s network management software, you can prevent critical equipment degradation by identifying risky usage. Use FIRMSuite to plan expenses, benefit from warranty claims, and prioritize replacement and maintenance based on reliable data.

Optimize your asset management

More efficiently oversee your assets by assigning the right to technician on the floor to temporarily adjust inventory and equipment placement. Prevent critical equipment degradation and benefit from warranty claims by seeing risky utilization and get real time data through your network.

Schematic of a small telecommunication site
Schematic of a big telecommunication site

Ensure clear communication during work process

Facilitate work between engineering and operations teams through work processes by getting notified about notes and approvals in Multitel’s network management software’s Message Center. Manage recurring maintenance and audit periods. Get notified about equipment that is nearing or exceeding established maintenance periods in one place. Track, through the FIRMSuite’s Dashboard, the status of maintenance routines to determine which ones are overdue.



Multitel helps you to deploy its network management software as quickly and easily as possible:


Managing capacity mitigates the risk associated with power outages by knowing a site’s capacity and which equipment is the weakest link in each site. Visibility on power equipment’s capacity levels helps you make critical decisions in seconds and plan power investments ahead of new technology and service deployments.

Battery failure is one of the leading causes of power outages. Preventive maintenance programs help maximize batteries’ useful life and reduce battery failures. Battery maintenance can increase UPS and DC power system performance and reliability. Battery maintenance is also required by battery vendors to maintain warranties.


For US and certain Canadian power utilities, battery maintenance is now mandatory by law and audits occur. If non-compliance is ascertained, hefty fees may be issued.

We provide data collection and analytics for vented lead-acid (VLA) and valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries typically found in large DC stationary or UPS applications (2V, 12V or other voltage types of cells/jars). A few of our customers are also using FIRMSuite to manage NiCad batteries in similar applications. If you have to manage data for a UPS, a telecom site, a power utility substation, we most likely have a solution for you.
Sites managed
Battery cells monitored
Monitoring devices in FIRMSuite gathering data

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