Modbus to SNMP protocol conversion solution

Why are Modbus to SNMP protocol conversions important?


Multitel’s Modbus to SNMP protocol conversion solution bridges the gap between legacy smart devices and decision-makers by enabling simple and secure connections to IP networks. Whether you are running Modbus RTU (serial) or Modbus TCP (IP), multiple legacy smart devices can be networked together; information be easily be accessed through standard web browsers or monitored via network management software. Our solution frees field operations and network engineering from repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Telecommunication and data centers are continuing to use legacy smart devices, such as power meters, fuel monitoring systems, UPSs, CRAC units, PLCs, HVAC systems, glycol loop controllers, building automation systems, automatic transfer switches, and generators, to access valuable data. However, most of these legacy smart devices lack the ability or the security to be connected to IP networks. In turn, field operation staff is required to provide power and environmental usage and performance information on a regular basis to decision-makers.

During regional power outages, it’s when resources are scarce and when power and environment usage and performance updates are available that the right decisions about backup power can be made. Having real-time visibility on legacy smart device data when making your serious decision not only enables you to be more efficient but also can help prolong end-user service until the power comes back online.

Benefits of Multitel’s Modbus to SNMP protocol conversion solution

A remote site monitoring unit

Open communications throughout the network

With Multitel’s Modbus to SNMP protocol conversion solution, get global network visibility and complete data by having compatible serial and IP communication protocols. To achieve this compatibility, the collected data from serial and IP devices using different protocols is translated into a normalized secured SNMP Agent v3. The translation to a compatible protocol enables you to securely access, share, collect and compile data from all over a telecom or data center.

Network equipment modernization

Thanks to Multitel’s Modbus to SNMP protocol conversion solution, prevent advance replacements for perfectly working legacy devices by translating data into a compatible, modern and secured communications protocol. Power and cooling devices, such as energy meters, DC system controllers, UPSs, CRACs, building automation systems, fuel systems, ATS and genset controller systems, will provide vital data to any building operator. Access all the critical data you need—without changing sustainable legacy device during a modernization process.

Improve network security

Secured device connectivity and data transport are major concerns in telecommunications and data centers. Translate serial-based data into a normalized secured SNMP Agent v3, used by IP-based devices, ensures compliance with IT security regulations. Secured and encrypted connections are also used to maintain data transport security.

Enhance remote monitoring capabilities

Enhance your remote monitoring capabilities by enabling remote connections for your existing IP- and serial-based devices. Multitel’s Modbus to SNMP protocol conversion solution allows you to keep your existing monitoring solutions and, at the same time, benefit from the latest technologies and maintain complete visibility on devices. Integrating remote connectivity to serial and smart devices is essential for monitoring, setting alarms, automation, visualization, system optimization, delivering actionable information, and collecting data for analysis.

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Modbus to SNMP protocol conversion solution key features

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