From raw data to actionable information

Web-based platform for network monitoring and asset data analytics

The role of the Multitel Atlas platform is pivotal for critical power and cooling assets monitoring, providing the different users with data from the field which is transformed into actionable information about the network, the sites, and its assets (DC Plants, Batteries, HVACs, UPS, etc.).

Typical applications

Examples of use cases of the platform

Battery Replacement


Temperature Monitoring

DC Usage

Asset State of Health


Atlas capabilities summarized in five functionalities

Network View

A visual representation of your entire network, showing your assets and their status on an interactive map.


Get crucial information the moment an event occurs, according to your own business rules.


Get one global view and insights on applications designed to your business needs.


Obtain reports from your dashboard to communicate with management or technicians in the field.

Data Extraction

Extract data to use outside of the platform, push analytics or simply use it in Excel.


Some of the everyday benefits of using Atlas

Be more efficient

Save time by instantly accessing information about your assets and relay this information easily with pre-built dashboards and reports.

Have a global view of your network

No more looking around Excel worksheets and various equipment data platforms. Have a global view of your entire network centralized in a single, easy-to-use web page.

Avoid unnecessary accidents

No more unforeseen service interruptions and power outages by receiving instant notifications the moment something happens at one of your sites.

Meet your organizational goals

Monitor your progress towards meeting your company green initiatives and goals.

Create faster and more reliable budgets

Use the built-in tools and features to create budgets that gives concise information to management.

Save money

Save on expensive truck rolls and person hours by having remote visibility on all of your assets instead of using off-site technicians.

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