Rack inlet temperature monitoring solution

Why are rack inlet temperature monitoring solutions important?

Multitel’s rack inlet temperature monitoring solution provides the necessary protection for your most critical equipment, improve your response time to any thermal issues, avoid critical equipment damage, or inefficiency of cooling resources.

For telecommunications and data center facilities, corporate-specified temperature ranges are, most of the time, in compliance with expert guidelines, such as ASHRAE. Recently, temperature guidelines have been extended to operate at up to 80°F to
support energy-saving initiatives, allowing a site to operate at a higher ambient temperature.

With its real-time monitoring and data analysis, our rack inlet temperature monitoring solution gives global visibility of your sites and their temperature variances at the rack level, with key metrics for maximizing energy efficiency and equipment longevity.

Multitel’s rack inlet temperature monitoring solution is a combination off four components: a Wireless Temperature Module, Wireless Gateway, Multitel’s FUSION remote telemetry unit, and FIRMSuite, an enterprise-class infrastructure asset and capacity management software that provides vendor-agnostic temperature monitoring capabilities. The solution has been developed with state-of the-art technology that enables fast deployments for small, medium and large facilities (up to 1500+ sensors).

Benefits of Multitel’s rack inlet temperature monitoring solution

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Gain visibility throughout the network

Lack of visibility throughout the network is a real pain when it comes to over-heating and ensuring a rapid response to a critical heat situation. To ensure a visibility through your network, Multitel’s rack inlet temperature monitoring solution includes a map that centralizes all registered sites to provide network visibility of the thermal state of every site at a rack precision level. It also provides insight on what equipment is located in the overheated rack.

Prevent high-risk damage to high-density edge networking equipment

High-density edge networking equipment is subject to a high risk of damage because of the amount of equipment and the heat from in relation to the space in which they are located. To prevent these risks, our rack inlet temperature monitoring solution provides real-time measurements per sensor on a temperature dashboard. It also displays an organized view of the data collected over time to see thermal changes. It is an efficient tool to validate operational efficiency, service interruptions, and significant thermal changes to make proactive decisions instead of having to react once the damage is done.

Identify hot spots

The inability to identify hot spots represents a crucial risk in over-heating situation. To prevent hot spots or at least to be able to identify hot spots as quickly as possible, our rack inlet temperature monitoring solution features a floor plan view and enables sensor status graphics to give you insights on every sensor throughout the network’s site. Sensors are categorized by low, standard, high and critical temperature levels. Both the graphics and map offer a global network temperature view of all sites. Thanks to Multitel’s rack inlet temperature monitoring solution, you get the visibility you need of your site’s temperature to quickly target hot spots and efficiently manage actions to fix thermal issues.

Prevent critical equipment degradation

Get notified if rack temperatures exceeds the configured range to avoid the high risks of overheat and equipment damage caused by a lack of air conditioning. Quickly notice the impact of a thermal change with accurate visibility and quickly adapt the range. The solution can also be configured according to your company’s business rules to avoid premature degradation.

Multitel's FIRMSuite asset management
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Eliminate costly off-hour and discover dispatches

Global visibility of all your critical facilities and infrastructure complements your fault management platform, enabling you to efficiently dispatch resources. Get insights into the critical aspects of your site, including sensors and exact temperature levels to prioritize technician interventions and equipment replacement. Thermal critical points are displayed with heat maps and floor plan views of rack temperatures to react quickly and prevent costly damage.

Improve your energy-savings strategy

Achieve substantial energy savings thanks to proactively monitoring rack temperatures with Multitel’s rack inlet temperature monitoring solution. By analyzing the impact of thermal changes in a building, this solution provides operators the ability to increase the ambient temperature without having a negative impact on equipment and HVAC performance levels.

Save on operational costs

Save cost by managing and prioritizing truck rolls. The global view of the hot spots in the network and their degree of emergency provides information to prioritize sites and save unnecessary truck rolls and over time. What’s more: centralized, real-time data and trending data helps to reduces paperwork, human error and operating costs while freeing building engineers to focus on more business-critical tasks.

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