Battery lifecycle management solution

Why are battery lifecycle management solutions important?

The solution to counter unpredictable deterioration and prevent power outages is to carry out a preventive maintenance program. As part of a proactive battery lifecycle management strategy, performing preventive maintenance enables organizations to mitigate network interruptions and ensure the reliability on batteries’ state of health.

Telecom facilities, head ends, power utility substation and data centers all rely on uninterruptible power supply (UPS) batteries as a backup power to preserve AC and DC power system reliability in the event of an electrical power outage.

However, UPS battery failure is the main cause of electrical power outages incidents. The main reason of this high risk of failure is unpredictable battery deterioration. From the moment a battery is placed into service, deterioration begins due to usage and environmental conditions.

Benefits of Multitel’s battery lifecycle management solution

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Prevent loss of end-user services due to battery failures

With Multitel’s battery lifecycle management solution, you can prevent critical equipment degradation by having visibility of all risks throughout your network. Getting insights of critical behavior based on reliable data enables you to track premature battery failure, take advantage of warranty claims, better plan for CAPEX and OPEX, and prioritize replacement and maintenance to avoid electrical power outage.

Get up-to-date visibility on battery performance and maintenance

Battery lifecycle management enables you to prevent critical situations by having an accurate status of your batteries’ state of health. Real-time dashboards provide an overview of your battery performance levels down to the cell level by automatically collecting data, performing analyses, and generating reports.

Access reliable data on your batteries for faster decision-making

Get accurate information and calculations on your DC supply assets, such as capacity, site load, reserved time, to quickly identify vulnerable sites or equipment in your network. This way, you can replace batteries or cell based on their state of health rather than age. Automate battery management to optimize your assets’ lifecycles and reduce unnecessary replacement—all while keeping your network safe. Getting the current outlook of your DC supply assets helps you to project network growth and budgets with reliable data. You’ll get the visibility you need to plan future projects with the confidence that your network can support them.
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Standardize your maintenance program throughout your organization

Multitel’s battery lifecycle management solution provides a way to standardize internal workflows. Avoid losing test sets or time searching information, reduce communication failure between teams by centralizing all monitoring readings, inspection audits, test results and issue notifications. Boost your productivity by accessing complete analytics on multiple performance metrics.

Why use Multitel’s battery lifecycle management solution?

Establish a DC supply protection system maintenance program (PSMP)

Respect the protection system maintenance program

Manage corrective actions tasks

Battery lifecycle management solution key features

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