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Why are remote site monitoring solutions important?


The flexibility of Multitel’s remote monitoring solution enables companies to monitor or control almost any type of critical infrastructure conditions, from rack-inlet temperature at your site to energy sub metering power distribution. Our remote monitoring solution can help you track and monitor power and cooling system conditions as well as perform automated controls. Get access to trending data, log events and real-time notifications if there is an issue.

Network reliability can be affected by so many different electrical or thermal incidents—from an electrical power outage to a backup power issue, or environmental failure conditions. Global visibility throughout the building’s critical power and cooling infrastructure is crucial to react quickly to an issue, avoid truck rolls, and establish an initial diagnostic and a corrective action plan.

Having access to real-time information is a key strategy to gaining a better understanding of the overall status and a comprehensive view of power and cooling infrastructures. Multitel’s remote site monitoring solution provides continuous access to your information and network conditions to ensure proactive management and business continuity.

Benefits of Multitel’s remote site monitoring solution

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Maintain business continuity

Consolidate all your monitoring needs in a single all-in-one remote site monitoring solution. Get a global visibility from power and cooling systems with respect to their status conditions, capacity usage status and building automation performance. Our remote monitoring solution helps you track and monitor conditions to prevent electrical issues that could cause lengthy downtimes and impact end user services.  

Eliminate unnecessary field dispatches

Multitel’s remote monitoring solution provides continuous access to your building power and cooling infrastructure status conditions, enabling you to proactively make data-driven decisions. Data access and remote visibility eliminates the first “discovery” and “back and forth” visits by operations teams.

Enhance network security

Multitel’s remote monitoring solution complies with any IT department’s cyber security standardsIt supports SSL protocol and certificates to send your data encrypted across the network so that only the intended recipient can access it.  Embedded protocol conversion capability enables Multitel’s remote monitoring solution to integrate Power and HVAC systems not meeting IT security requirements to preserve remote access to their critical data. 

Track power usage effectiveness with branch circuit monitoring

Get remote visibility on your power distribution circuit capacity and power consumption levels. Increase your network’s uptime by eliminating breakers trip through continuous monitoring of AC/DC circuit loads. Multitel’s remote telemetry unit helps you proactively detect abnormal operation of power and cooling equipment. Track energy consumption levels to allocate power usage to the corresponding internal business unit. Keep an eye on critical KPIs, such as power usage effectiveness (PUE). 

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Optimize your power and cooling capacity

Benefit from Multitel’s system integration capability to interface with legacy and modern Power or HVAC systems and provide graphical visualization (HMI) of your critical power and cooling KPIsincluding usage and availability levels as well as PUEReview statistical data to pinpoint regression patterns and understand how growth projects are impacting the current power and cooling capacity levels.  

Remotely monitor backup system conditions  

Data centers and power utility substation facilities all rely on uninterruptible power supply (UPS) batteries and generators as a backup power to maintain IT and Telecom gear running in the event of an electrical power outage. To prevent the impact of a power outage, use Multitel’s remote site monitoring solution to get visibility on your backup system conditions by verify all the centralized data, along with historical data graphs.  

Remote site monitoring solution key features

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