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With FUSION, your network operations and engineering teams can elevate decision making to the next level with business intelligence data based on:

Capacity Usage Level

Power Availability

Efficiency Index (PUE or DCIE)

Battery Reserve Time

HVAC Daily Usage

Other key measures

Increase productivity with FUSION’s built-in features

I/O Acquisition

Software configurable hybrid channels to measure power and environmental parameters, detect ON/OFF conditions and perform manual or automated controls.

HMI Graphics

Visualize your data in contextual graphics, such as floor plan, powertrain and tabloid, to improve situational awareness and response time (Design fee applies)

Data Charting

Visualize your daily and detailed statistics data on-line to eliminate the need to transfer data to MS Excel spreadsheets.

Building Automation

Ideally suited for mid-size buildings offering schedules, PID, overrides, arithmetic, setpoints, logical equations, lead/lag and much more.

Communication Ports

Extensive built-in serial, USB, Ethernet and optional LED display and 56k modem to report status conditions locally and remotely.

Protocol Conversions

Enable Modbus RTU to SNMP conversion to integrate data from smart devices such as genset controllers, fuel systems, power meters and more.

Derived Functions

Powerful and complete set of virtual processes available to enable PUE and capacity usage calculations, delay conditions, return peak values, Watthours and lookup tables.


Automatically trends daily highs and lows for all data channels and offers triggered statistics for periodic events like battery rundown and generator tests.

Discover a world of possibilities and applications

Download the Specification Sheet for a complete overview

Multitel's FUSION specification sheet

Analog Inputs: Up to 11x Hybrid channels, 65Vdc, 10Vdc, 50mVdc, 40Vac, 1.4Vac.

Binary Inputs: Up to 64x Single ended channels, activation and de-activation delay.

Binary Outputs: Up to 6x Form A or Form C contacts, 65Vdc, 10Vdc, 50mVdc, 40Vac, 1.4Vac.

Input Power: 40 to 60 Volts DC or optional 120Vac power supply adapter / 7 watts @ typical 48Vdc.


Operating Temperature: -40°C to 65°C (-40°F to 149°F).

Operating Humidity: 5% to 90% RH Non condensing.

Elevation: 2000 ft

Mounting: 1U Rack space

Derived Channels: Arithmetic, Battery Runtime, Binary Manual (Overrides), Callouts, Chronometers, Constant, Duty Cycle, Lead/Lag, Lookup Table, Logic (Groups), Peak, Programmable Delay, Schedules, Thresholds, Time Set Points, Users and Watthours.

Communications: 1x USB Type B, 2x serial EIA-232, 2x serial EIA-485, 1x Ethernet 10/100Mb Auto-MDIX, 1x Optional 56kBds dialup model.

Certifications: UL and CSA 60950-1 2nd Edition Industry Canada ES-003 and CS-03 and TIA-968 FCC Part 15 Subpart B.


Yes. We support multiple communications protocols on the FUSION, such as Modbus and SNMP. The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) over IP is the most commonly used protocol for communication to and from the FUSION RTU. It makes FUSION the perfect alarm RTU for reporting into network management platforms used by a network operations center (NOC), such as Netcool or SolarWinds.
Yes. We are fully compliant with all network management and surveillance platforms, such as Netcool, SolarWinds and others. If you’re shopping for a RTU, you’re likely looking for SNMP compatibility. We will provide you with the FUSION MIB file to easily validate FUSION’s full compliance with your NOC’s network management or surveillance platform.

The FUSION is a remote monitoring solution that provides a 360° view of your infrastructure by monitoring multiple power and cooling equipment. The FUSION can monitor DC power plants’ rectifier utilization, AC power, HVAC and much more.

Data centers require a lot of energy to keep their systems running effectively. Energy demand is typically found in cooling systems, servers, and high-power computing. The ability to monitor the energy demands of these specific systems gives better visibility on your facility’s overall energy consumption. This information can then be used to profile the energy allocation of individual systems and even detect inefficiencies. 

The FUSION RTU is a very popular product; however, we always have the most common configurations made to order. If you currently have an old RTU or alarm system, which can be expensive to replace and often technically out-of-date, we can provide you with a FUSION RTU within two weeks. 


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