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Monitor your sites remotely with Multitel’s FUSION remote telemetry unit (RTU). Our RTU allows you to get real-time visibility on power and cooling infrastructures.

Why use Multitel’s FUSION remote telemetry unit?

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Get real-time visibility on the site

Use our remote telemetry unit to centralize all of your site alarms using dry contacts or thresholds. Keep track of historical monitoring events in visual reports. Prevent equipment shutdown or damage due to thermal, water, fire, site intrusion and other possible events. Control access to battery rooms, CEVs, WICs, and critical facilities from undesired intrusions.

Save on truck rolls and mitigate the risk of downtime

The FUSION remote telemetry unit eliminates guesswork and potential truck rolls to a site. It is also possible to prevent downtime by monitoring site data. If an outage does occur, you can quickly target the cause and proactively address it. The FUSION is your first line of defense to maintain a reliable network and optimize your customer service.

Ensure proactive management

Prevent equipment damage due to high-temp alarms, water, fire, battery-on-discharge, thermal runaway and site intrusions by monitoring your site’s integrated devices. Improve proactivity by sending early warning to capacity planners and managers when predetermined business rules are exceeded. The FUSION remote telemetry unit provides visual indicators of critical, major, minor and informational active alarms for quick and efficient decision-making.

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Multitel's FUSION AC Mains Total Power

Remote site monitoring

Centralize all of your telecom alarms in a single unit, from dry contacts to threshold crossing alerts of critical remote monitoring points. Prevent equipment damage due to high-temp alarms, water, fire, battery-on-discharge, thermal runaway and site intrusions by monitor site’s integrated devices.

Branch circuit monitoring

Get remote visibility on your circuit load capacity and power consumption levels while increasing uptime by eliminating breaker trips through continuous monitoring of AC/DC circuit loads. The FUSION remote telemetry unit proactively detects abnormal operation of power and cooling equipment. Track energy consumption levels to allocate power usage to the corresponding internal business unit. Keep an eye on key performance indicators, such as power usage effectiveness (PUE).

Power and cooling capacity management

Monitor critical power and cooling key performance indicators, such as usage, availability level, and PUE. Send early warnings to capacity planners and managers when predetermined business rules are exceeded. Get real-time insights on PUE, efficiency and capacity availability for power network managers. Moreover, review statistical data to look for regression patterns and understand how growth projects are impacting the current power and cooling capacity levels.

Legacy RTU replacement

Modernize your network and remain compliant by replacing legacy RTUs, such as Badger, NEC, SMP, KDA and Dantel. Easy retrofit installation with prewired harness available. Implement a Modbus to SNMP bridge for easy and convenient network integration. Multitel’s remote telemetry unit is ideal for retrofitting legacy DC power plants systems to monitor power supplies, rectifiers, batteries, converters, inverters, UPS, distribution panel and AC power.

Temperature monitoring

Optimize your temperature operation is a key metric for energy efficiency and equipment longevity. Multitel’s remote telemetry unit is part of the wireless rack inlet temperature monitoring solution giving you a real-time monitoring and data analysis at the rack level in order to detect hot spots and avoid operating at a higher ambient temperature.  

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Yes. We support multiple communications protocols on the FUSION, such as Modbus and SNMP. The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) over IP is the most commonly used protocol for communication to and from the FUSION RTU. It makes FUSION the perfect alarm RTU for reporting into network management platforms used by a network operations center (NOC), such as Netcool or SolarWinds.
Yes. We are fully compliant with all network management and surveillance platforms, such as Netcool, SolarWinds and others. If you’re shopping for a RTU, you’re likely looking for SNMP compatibility. We will provide you with the FUSION MIB file to easily validate FUSION’s full compliance with your NOC’s network management or surveillance platform.

The FUSION is a remote monitoring solution that provides a 360° view of your infrastructure by monitoring multiple power and cooling equipment. The FUSION can monitor DC power plants’ rectifier utilization, AC power, HVAC and much more.

Data centers require a lot of energy to keep their systems running effectively. Energy demand is typically found in cooling systems, servers, and high-power computing. The ability to monitor the energy demands of these specific systems gives better visibility on your facility’s overall energy consumption. This information can then be used to profile the energy allocation of individual systems and even detect inefficiencies.

The FUSION RTU is a very popular product; however, we always have the most common configurations made to order. If you currently have an old RTU or alarm system, which can be expensive to replace and often technically out-of-date, we can provide you with a FUSION RTU within two weeks. 

+ 1600
Hybrid I/O channels for monitoring power and cooling parameters
Direct integration of MODBUS RTU field devices
History log that lets you know monitored system behavior and expedits diagnostics

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