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Bringing information from a building to a network management software and leveraging existing monitoring solutions are crucial for a data-driven strategy. It creates a better understanding of the overall status and a comprehensive view of multiple infrastructures inside a site. Power and cooling devices, such as energy meters, DC system controllers, UPS, CRACs, building automation systems, fuel systems, ATS and genset controller systems, provide vital data to building operators that needs to be easily accessible and thorough.

Multitel’s iO Gateway is a secure device that transports data, ensures communication with serial-based and smart devices, provides visibility throughout a site and improves network security. The iO Gateway is a comprehensive solution that has been designed to deal with today’s reality of fast-moving technologies. It allows users to keep their existing monitoring solutions and, at the same time, benefit from the latest technologies to maintain complete visibility on their devices.

Furthermore, users can improve IT security by using secured protocols and reducing the number of IP address throughout the network. Having one IP address for multiple devices also reduce IT management time and effort. The iO Gateway streamlines data transport from the building to the network management software and leverages existing monitoring capabilities without any compromise.

Why use Multitel’s secure gateway?

Presentation of iO Data Sources

Communicate with serial-based and IP-based devices

Multitel’s iO Gateway leverage existing solutions, enabling integrated remote connectivity to smart devices, which is essential for providing monitoring, automation, visualization, system optimization and delivering actionable information.

Streamline data from the infrastructure to the network

iO Gateway’s two RS-485 ports can be used to manage two different serial protocols at the same time. It can also provide redundancy for a single serial protocol.

Simplify IP address management securely

The passthrough feature of Multitel’s secure gateway enable users to continue using existing functions of their smart devices, such as web, console, and file transfer capabilities, even if they are on a local network. Secured device connectivity is an important standard for any efficient and effective building management tool. This is why iO Gateway uses industry-grade software, including Linux’s Firewall. Secured and encrypted connections can also be made to the device using HTTPS.

Presentation of the iO Passtrough
Multitel's iO software on a monitor



Forward SNMP Trap to a network management software

The SNMP Trap Forwarding feature acknowledge SNMP traps emitted by assets and forward them up to 10 destinations. SNMP Trap Forwarding handles protocol conversion to secure transmission of data. The iO Gateway converts any SNMP v1 or v2c trap into a SNMP v3 trap inform.

Which iO Gateway is right for you?

To you give the most out of your iO Gateway device, we created different versions to suit the needs of your network.



iO Gateway Essential

Designed as a protocol converter, this version is built to keep your data safe and interconnect your serial-based and IP-based devices for a more controlled management of the assets inside your site.

iO Gateway Premium

As well as having all the functionalities of the iO Gateway Essential, this version is designed as a site gateway that enables your device to send information to the network management software via SNMP Trap for a complete overview of the State of Health of the equipment of your network.

iO Gateway Custom

We can also build a custom product specially suited to your network reality. Get in contact with us for your custom-built iO Gateway device.
Features Essential Premium
SNMP - Agent v1/2c
Modbus Responder
Modbus TCP/IP, SNMP Get v1, v2c
Secure Shell protocol (SSH)
Ethernet Port
RS-485 Modbus RTU Responder
RS-485 Modbus RTU Controller
Unsecured passthrough (HTTP, FTP, Telnet)
Secured passthrough (HTTPS, SFTP, SSH, SCP)
SNMP Get v3
SNMP Agent v3
SNMP Trap Forwarding
Communication passthrough (SNMP)

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Multitel's iO Gateway specification sheet

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