New FUSION v4.90 & v4.91 firmware

Multitel's remote telemetry unit FUSION version 4.90

Multitel is pleased to announce our new FUSION v4.90 & v4.91 firmware. Multitel’s FUSION remote telemetry unit is now more flexible than ever. 

The new FUSION v4.90 firmware is available from March 2021 and v4.91 from June 2021. Multitel is committed to providing only the highest quality products for your needs. If you have questions regarding this product change, please contact us. 



  1. Dynamic Channel Creation: Most derived channels can now be created on the go, with no limit on their numberThe same is true for Modbus I/O and SNMPGet I/O channels – providing you with the flexibility you need 
  1. SNMP Trap INFORM: FUSION now supports INFORMswhich allows for more secure transmission of notifications between FUSION and your SNMP Manager.  
  1. New Peak Channels: Get high and low peak values for any analog or derived channels baseson a user selectable periodthis feature is ideal for peak study and energy monitoring applications.  
  1. New BRES Channel: Rather than estimating Battery Reserve Time using a traditional battery reserve time algorithm, FUSION continuously re-estimates battery runtime using actual load, and automatically counts the time down when a battery discharge event occurs.  
  1. Wireless Rack Temperature Monitoring: FUSION can be used to monitor wireless temperature sensors using Multitel wireless gatewayand provide a secure way to transfer this data to any SNMP-based network management solution.  
  1. RADIUS encryption: We have added encryption to RADIUS secret” configuration. This means that the “secret” word or password, found in the CSV file for the RADIUS server configuration, is no longer visible.  
  1. HTTPS Response Time: Web optimizations have been combined to improve response times when browsing the FUSION web page in HTTPS mode. In addition, the new header now displays the FUSION date and time  
  1. Improved Counter measures for DDoS: FUSION is now less sensitive to DDoS attacks and no longer loses communication after five minutes 
  1. Web Modbus Read/Write: The once hidden Modbus read/write feature is now available directly from the web page. This feature simplifies access to Modbus device register configurations and troubleshooting.  




  1. Date and Time: Header now displays FUSION’s date and time.  
  1. USER: The maximum number of users was increased from 10 to 16 




The following features have been removed from FUSION’s firmware, so please review the below list with your FUSION administrator to verify if any are presently used in your monitoring/control applications.  

  1. PID: The Proportional, Integral and Derivative loop function has been removed from this version of the software 
  1. Access Control: The Access Control feature that enables user to interface with an  existing proximity card reader has been disabled 
  1. Dialup Bridge: The Dialup Bridge channels have been removed




  1. HMI Naming Issue: A fix has been applied to prevent HMI views from being erased or displayed when using numbers and special characters (like “%&*/”) in the HMI file name (*.XMG). Although this fix has been implemented, we still recommend users do not use special characters when naming HMI files, as they are perceived by the web browser as control characters and can cause HMI management and viewing issues.  
  1. Web Server Freeze: A fix has been implemented to prevent FUSION web servers from failing to respond to initial connection requests
  2. Inoperable RADIUS Authentication over SSHMultiple fixes have been implemented to eliminate the intermittent functionality of RADIUS authentication over Telnet, and non-functionality over SSH.


Note: FUSION v4.91 firmware update will contain the following bug fixes:

  1. (FUS-2): Fixed a restarting issue with some devices after removing and re-powering the device.
  2. (FUS-3): Fixed handling of outdated mnemonics when downloading config files.
  3. (FUS-4): Fixed a web communication problem via a proxy network intermediary.
  4. Company name issue: A fix was made to correct the response from the community string. As of now, the community string only responds to the password programmed in the FUSION.




  1. (RTU-496): Read/Write memory left calculation does not take into account the space allowed for daily statistics, therefore the result shown in “System Information” is faulty.  
  1. (RTU-501)Browser-makers have confirmed that browser support for TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.0 and 1.1 ended in March 2020.  
  1. (RTU-503): Virtual Channel DSP 24 on an analog card is no longer supported. Customers are invited to use FUSION’s Arithmetic channels instead.  
  1. (RTU-507): Daily statistics are lost (reset) when a FUSION system reboot occurs. This is also the case when a firmware update is performed. 
  2. FUSION only supports web browsing over HTTPS port 443 and HTTP port 80. 




Note that a detailed update procedure package is provided with the new firmware code file.  

The following are some possible impacts when performing the v4.90 update:  

  1. Daily, triggered and histogram statistics files will lose content after a firmware code upload, thus users are recommended to download their file contents prior to performing the remote code upload.  


  1. FUSION configuration (operating parameters) may be reset to default values. Therefore, it is good practice to backup/download the configuration file prior to performing the remote code upload. 


  1. When executing FUSION v4.9x, v4.8x and v4.7x upgrades, the Intelligent I/O Card firmware is erased and needs to bere-uploaded via the HTTP/HTTPS or the TELNET/SSH interface. The following files are available upon request: MIR_ANA.XMD, MIR_EVT.XMD, MIR_OUT.XMD 


  1. Occurrence counters will be reset to zero (0).


  1. Rollback to version v4.83 has been tested and is operational. However, we have seen unexplained events where the FUSION IP Address is reset to default ( Thus, it is recommended users perform the rollback on-site to avoid any knock-on effects should this event occur. 


  1. The new version of FUSION v4.90 does not require any FIRMSuite™ upgrade.

If you have any questions about the FUSION v4.90 firmware update, please contact:


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