Introducing the new and improved iO Gateway v1.4

Multitel's iO Gateway

Multitel is pleased to announce the release of the newest firmware upgrade of our staple product, the iO Gateway v1.4.  The newly updated device brings additional features that are crucial for any organization that wants to be in control of their critical equipment.

The new iO Gateway v1.4 update is available as of today, December 20th 2021. Multitel is committed to providing only the highest quality products for your needs. If you have questions regarding this product change, please contact us.


SNMP Trap Forwarding: The iO Gateway device version 1.4 is now capable of forwarding SNMP Trap to up to 10 destinations. We support SNMP v1, v2c, and v3 protocol and trap informs.

Trap Enrichment: A new mechanism has been implemented to create OIDs in the traps forwarded to add essential information. As of now, the only information added to the trap is the equipment IP address and the equipment name to let you know quickly the origin of the trap.

Trap Testing: Ability to send a test trap to validate the connection between the iO Gateway and the network operation center.

Export Log: To help with troubleshooting, it’s possible to export trap received, forwarded, and sent by the device. Thus, it will be easier to find if there is a communication problem between devices.

Keep Alive: Considering the high risk of losing an important trap, we implemented a function called “Keep-Alive” to let the user know as soon as the iO device becomes inactive. The iO device will send a trap to the selected destination periodically to let it know the device is still active.

LDAP Connection: It is now possible to use the LDAP protocol to authenticate the user trying to connect to the device.

SNMP Communication Passthrough: The SNMP Passthrough enables the user to use a MIB Browser on a network to do SNMP walks on local devices.


Dynamic Table: A dynamic table allowing you to reorganize the data displayed has been implemented for you to easily and quickly manipulate your data as you need. The flexibility of the dynamic table enables you to regroup and display information that matters to you and your organization.

Saving View: The saving view feature allows you to save a combination of columns and search results to quickly return to later by highlighting different important elements and creating different individual views.


The new firmware upgrade doesn’t require local manual manipulation. The new version has to be uploaded via the web interface of the device.

Executing the upgrade will require rebooting the device. The current configuration will be saved however, it is good practice to backup/download the configuration file before performing the upgrade. If you have any questions about the iO Gateway v1.4 firmware update, please contact

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