Optimize collection, integration and management of data from multiple power and cooling systems

Multitel’s next-gen technological platform enabling monitoring, control, automation, alarming, visualization, integration, and analytics capabilities designed for End Users and OEM partners to customize and integrate into their products or systems.

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IO Gateway/Platform Specification Sheet

Improve your capabilities across your network with an integrated applications platform that combines visibility, communication, remote monitoring and management.

iO Platform can be ported on a multiple range of devices, from small low cost computer system to large scale server.   


Enable loT capabilities
Customize requirements
No hardware limitations
Lowering time to market
Cost saving
Increase device status knowledge


Power and Cooling system’s monitoring solutions need to provide real-time actionable data to make better decisions, limit downtime, improve productivity, streamline maintenance, enable savings related to dispatch (travel), extend equipment life-cycle , and energy usage. Achieving all of those requirements with a cost-effective solution can be quite challenging. Multitel’s goal is to work closely with its customer to meet these requirements.  

iO Platform represents one the main development pipelines for Multitel’s upcoming products. It is based on a flexible architecture and can be ported to Linux and Microsoft based devices. It enables Multitel to develop extensive capabilities for secured network and serial connectivity on multiple types of communication protocols.

iO Platform is Multitel’s next-gen technological solution. It has been designed with End User and OEM applications in mind. Building managers can bring IoT capabilities to their sites with a product that fits their needs. IoT interoperability is becoming more and more present in the industry, so equipment manufacturers might want to introduce monitoring capabilities to their existing products. Products developed with iO Platform will enable OEM to lower their time to market and development cost.