Reliable and non-intrusive battery on discharge auxiliary alarm system.

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Fusion Specification Sheet
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Provides an auxiliary “Battery On Discharge” alarm when a telecom stationary battery system is in discharge mode.

Convenient if the DC power system controller or telecom facility alarm RTU fails to generate the alarm.

Designed for 48VDC telecom applications

Designed specifically for 48VDC stationary telecom applications - Can be used with wet cell and VRLA battery types - Highly reliable design based on passive electronic components.

Simple installation

Simple installation with pre-wired harness - Factory set threshold and hysteresis level - No field calibration required.

Non-intrusive device

Integrates to existing and new installations without power interruption.

Flexible mounting possibilities

The enclosure footprint provides flexible mounting possibilities with modular plugin screw type connectors.

Easy identification

Power and BOD LED lights provide clear indication of the BOD operation and allow for easy identification of operational and alarm status.


Q. Where can we use the BOD?

A. The BOD is ideally suited for all types of locations in which a 48VDC system is protected by means of battery backup: cabinets, central offices, cellular sites and UPS installations in data centers and more.

Q. How reliable is the BOD?

A. The BOD is designed with only passive electronic components. There is no microprocessor, memory or embedded software, making the product extremely robust.

Q. How simple is it to install the BOD?

A. Installation is quick, especially with the wiring harness that provides embedded electrical protection and 15ft leads to battery voltage and 25 ft. lead to local alarm telemetry. No calibration is required.

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