NERC's PRC-005-2 Standard


The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) PRC-005-2 Standard is intended to assure transmission and generation protection systems are maintained and tested so as to provide reliable performance. Stationary batteries and DC power systems are the primary elements in these protection systems and the reliability of the Bulk Electric System (BES). As a result, maintenance and testing of the station DC supply that can have an effect on the reliability of the BES has taken on new significance.


Since 2007, NERC has the legal authority to enforce the compliance of all its reliability standards which applies to transmission owners, generator owners and distribution providers. Since then, these entities have been trying to understand and comply with the standard.


Industry experts recognize that there are several technological advances in equipment and testing procedures that allow the owner to choose how to verify that a battery string is free of open circuits. The term "continuity" was introduced into the standard to allow the owner to choose how to verify continuity of a battery set by various methods, and not to limit the owner to the two methods recommended in the IEEE standards. Continuity as used in "Table 1c - Condition-based Maintenance - Level 3 Monitoring" of the standard refers to verifying that there is a continuous current path from the positive terminal of the station battery set to the negative terminal.


"Without verifying continuity of a station battery, there is no way to determine that the station battery is available to supply DC power to the station."






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