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    HVAC Controls

    Seamless Integration, HVAC Controls and Cooling Capacity Management

    FUSION integrates building automation functions found in direct digital control (DDC) systems. It can easily and accurately control building HVAC systems, thus replacing manual and electromechanical controls in retrofits and new building applications.  The objective is to minimize the amount of energy used to operate fans and preheat or cool ventilation air. Energy conservation depends greatly on how well building heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are controlled to match occupant needs. The primary driver for the DDC retrofit is the desire for centralized, intelligent alarms.

    Efficient Power and Cooling management are a major challenge for Data Center and Telecommunications Real Estate Managers.  The most common problems are related to overheating, overload, and loss of redundancy.  Using FUSION, a manager can identify Power and Cooling availability issues proactively as FUSION can calculate HVAC daily utilization levels and track the last 32 days (highest and lowest values). 

    Key Tracking Parameters:

    Set Points

    HVAC Conditions

    HVAC Usage Level

    Fire & Smoke Alarms

    Room Temperature

    Cooling Tower

    PID Loops

    Dry Contacts

    Relative Humidity

    Free Cooling

    Statistics  & History

    Outside Temperature


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    Key Features:

    • Control HVAC via I/O control card or via MODBUS RTU
    • Graphical HMI type image of your building operations
    • Energy savings without sacrificing comfort (Free cooling initiatives)
    • Highly scalable, modular solutions
    • Ideal for small / medium size buildings

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